Sunday, October 25, 2009

40 Years of Jazz at NEC

October 24, 2009 - 1:30 to 2:45 PM
New England Conservatory Jazz 40th Panel Discussion

A Musician's Toolbox:
Marketing, promotion & technology

Alan Ett ‘78MM, (Pres. Alan Ett Music Group – LA)
Neil Leonard '84BM, '00MM composer/performer, Professor at Berklee College of Music
Paul Lipson ’96 ‘99MM (VP of Business Development at Pyramid, an interactive entertainment industry – SF)
Michael Ricci – founder of All About (internet resource)
Moderator: Bob Blumenthal, Marsalis Music, (Former Boston Globe Jazz Critic)

Pierce Hall., St. Botolph Building
New England Conservatory
Boston, MA 02115

Friday, October 16, 2009

GASP Gallery Gala

Alternative energy - GASP marks five years

MAKING IT HAPPEN: Half a decade in, Campos-Pons and Leonard's gallery stands out as a rare "alternative space" in a Boston art scene that is dominated by commercial and institutional venues.