Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Housing in La Spezia, Aeronautica Militare

I brought a group of five musicians and their families to La Spezia. The Aeronautica Militare housed us and hosted a workshop in sound art. Gianni and Grazie Bolongaro of La Marrana di Montemarcello and Giorgio Bendinelli of the Associazione Amici del Centro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (CAMeC) helped coordinate events.

This was our first stop on the tour.

The view of the bay of La Spezia from the officers club.

Berklee graduates arriving at Comando Corso (the center for aeronautical instruction) to prepare concerts. "3,600 kilometeri in un pullman e siamo ancora amici!" - Three extraordinary people.

The van playlist:
1. Mina, Minantologia.
2. Miles Davis, The Cellar Door Sessions 1970

Favorite side-trip:
Hopping the fence of the Tarquinian necropolis at dusk.

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