Thursday, January 31, 2008

VORTEX presents:

Neil Leonard - sax & live electronics with
Anthony Baldino & Spencer Putnam - live electronics

Also appearing:

Doug Principato - guitar
The Rivera Brunel Method - Brunel - clarinets/Rivera - cello

Fri. 15 February @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o

Anthony Baldino composes electronic music for modern dance and concert performance. Last summer he toured Italy playing in the Sguardi Sonori, Pop-Eye and Futurity Festivals. He composed and designed sound for films featured in the Sundance film festival. Anthony recently conducted the world premiere of Olivia Block's Rime and Glaze for 24 musicians (voices, string quartet, laptop soloists, contact mics).

Spencer Putnam began his music career in Omaha, Nebraska and now resides in Boston, MA. Under the moniker of Maetoba, Spencer performs as a multi-instrumentalist often toting a guitar, bass, keyboard and/or a variety of percussion instruments in an electronic setting using a variety of software applications on his laptop to simultaneously manipulate live and pre-recorded sounds. He has written and recorded music and sound for televised and private advertising, a small collection of short films and animations, the Boston 48-Hour Film Project and is currently in the process of incorporating live video-manipulation techniques into his on-stage performance.

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