Friday, September 18, 2009

Tra Ealileo e il Futurismo

Galilei-Leonard, Double Remix (2009)
for saxophone and live electronics
Composed by Neil Leonard
World Premiere

Galilei-Leonard, Double Remix revisits material from two pieces that I composed using the computer as a key resource. The first composition is entitled Partita Tripla con Galilei (2009). While working on this piece I created a library of sounds based on a recording of Vincenzo Galilei's madrigal In Exitu Israel. Individual processed notes from In Exitu Israel are used in the first part of Double Remix to invoke celestial/angelic voices.

The second source is a composition named M87 (1995) from my debut solo CD Timaeus. M87 is named after a giant elliptical galaxy photographed by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope. M87 is believed by some to be a supermassive black hole. The Hubble photos shows a 5000 light-year long jet stream made up of electrons being ejected outward at near light-speed.

Partita Tripla con Galilei was composed in collaboration with Padova based composers Maura Capuzzo, Marco Braggion and coordinated by Nicola Bernardini for the Giornata dell' Ascolto, Padova, 2009. In Exitu Israel was sung by Alessandro Carmignani and used with his kind permission. Parts of the remix of M87 were created with Gadi Sassoon (aka Memory 9) in London, 2008.

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