Saturday, October 20, 2007

Equatorial Rhythms CD Released!

EQUATORIAL RHYTHMS - Catalogue insert CD

Du store verden! 2007 – DSV 04

  1. Christopher Cozier: An extract from Sound System Version II – a sound collaboration by Christopher Cozier, Robin Foster, Sheldon Holder & Martin "Mice" Raymond. Featuring Sheldon Holder of "12", Christopher Cozier, Chantal Esdelle, with extracts from "Pardon I Soldier" by Christian Campbell and "Yvette's Story" by Yvette Gray. Mixed by Martin "Mice" Raymond & Christopher Cozier at ChampionSound Studios, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. (1.03)

  2. Don Byron: Mulatta – soundtrack for an installation by Yvette Mattern, recorded and mixed by Scott Petito (2.47)

  3. Satch Hoyt: Shrine ... Symphony – extract from The shrine – the 27 brides of the Black President installation, engineered by Evan Sobel. Music with the featured soundscape a collage on a 8 bar sample of Felas song Suffering and smiling. Other featured sounds are ambient sounds of Lagos city, Satch Hoyt on flute, voices of Malcolm X and Kwame Nkrumah, Alice Coltrane on harp. (8.42)

  4. Neil Leonard: Sacred Bath, part II – electroacoustic soundtrack for the video Baño Sagrado by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons. Composed, performed and programmed by Neil Leonard. Drumming in the middle section is an algorithmic variation on a four bar pattern by Cuban percussionist Ernesto Rodriguez. Previously released on the CD Timaeus. (6.46)

  5. Stephen Vitiello: Call Waiting (music_box_call_later_dogs_version), sound by Stephen Vitiello, Eder Santos for the Call Waiting installation (3.48)

  6. Kristin Bergaust & Alexis Parra: An extract from Musica Quemada, feat. Kelvis Ochoa & Telmary Diaz (4.04)

  7. Paulo Vivacqua: Deserto (7.18)

  8. Vu Nhat Tan: bung, recorded in Hanoi, July 2005 (4.52)

  9. Theo Eshetu presents: Defrosting the sun – vocals: Sabina Meyer, bass clarinet: Hans Koch, electric bass: Paed Conca, drums: Fabrizio Spera (4.24)

  10. Salem Mekuria: Sounds from TOBIA – an extract from IMAGinING TOBIA (1.33)

  11. Guilherme Vaz: Strong bone cornet from Oslo (15.04)

  12. Heri Dono / Jompet: Kala Kali – an extract from the installation, recorded by Endro & Aris (6.55)

All tracks, copyright 2007, except (4) copyright 1993, 2007. See list-of-works for additional information. Compiled by bb. for the dsv! Mastered by Svein Hansen at Ola Narr.

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